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I tend to let out to much information on the internet about how i feel so i thought I'd make a Tumblr as it's more blogging.

wow, long time no see, well it’s been a while, not years but a while. comming back on this is like entering a room i don’t like, seeing how i was, how i felt, how things were. the thing being i feel like I’m back in that place but for different reasons, not for you, I look back and realise, you didn’t deserve me, I didn’t deserve to hurt over such bullshit. see you soon maybe x

I feel so shit, so low, tired, angry, why do people do this. :(

feel so fucking depressed I just want to run away.


it’s even harder to picture that you’re not hear next to me.

Seeing you makes it feel like it was yesterday why do i still miss you after what seems a short time but really it’s been months. You don’t miss me but i’ll miss you for a while, I’m sorry but i can’t help it, i wish i could, love you buddy, always.

shit times

felling a weird depression, I don’t no how I feel, just lost and empty, also alone, like I’ve woken up and I don’t no where I am.

My best friend

This isn’t Michael, it’s Chiara. Since knowing Michael my life has been so much happier, he’s a little ray of sunshine. He’s reminded me of things I love and he’s made me feel so much happier in myself. Next time you log on and see this Michael I’d like you to know I love you and thank you for everything x

i should be crying but i just can&#8217;t let it show.

i should be crying but i just can’t let it show.

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